Arabian Horse Confirmation
Here is how I try to look at a horse when I view a horses conformation.

1. Top Horizontal Line
One of the main parts of the over all appearance of the horse comes from the top out line of the horse.. This includes the line from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose.
This line should be appealing and smooth. The eye should move easily from one end of the line to the next. The line should appear as one continuous whole and not make my eye stop and linger on sections of the body.
When this line is beautiful you will have a horse that has a good tail set, sufficient hip and loin, proportioned saddle set, wonderful formed withers, sloping shoulder, balanced neck and proper head set and size.

2. Character of  Hind Legs show strength and
Smooth lines in hind legs starting with a stifle that is long and moving down through a long muscular gaskin, an apparent bone in the hock  region, short sculpted canons, moderate length in rear pasterns.
These hind legs must come down from the horse in a way that they are placed harmoniously under the horse and appear to firmly support the horse.
Feet are all shaped symmetrically and easily point forward.

3. Character of the front legs show straightness and sculpting. Top of leg should be in line and on top of bottom portion of leg.
Straightness should be viewed of front legs from every side. Shape of knees are long, flat and fairly symmetrical. Canons are short and sculpted. Pasterns are fairly long and sloping.
Feet are symmetrical rounded and easily point forward.

4. Heart Girth and Type.
Look for a deep heart girth in a horse that can perform as an athlete.
When everything comes together you will see a horse the looks and moves like an Arabian horse, this is type.  Smooth floating trot with lots of leg action, a hopping cantor and lots of head and tail movement, possible snorting  are the characteristics Arabians exhibit freely when allowed to show off.

DU Sierra Sunrise SBE Mare
DHAR Aziza 23 yrs old