TS Cheyenne
TS Cheyenne is an Al Khamsa mare. Her breeding is primarily Babson with Turfa and Sirecho both showing up several times in her pedigree.

She is a lovely mare with a very sweet and giving personality. Cheyenne has been ridden many years and is an easy going safe ride for in experienced riders. Primarily ridden on trails, Cheyenne crosses water, rocks, logs, etc. She loads easily and allows her feed to be cleaned, trimmed , shoed. She is an easy keeper.

Cheyenne is not real interested in bonding with the other horses and usually stays to her self. Although she will not allow her self to be picked on by another horse. Because of this she is independent and not buddy sour.
Often Cheyenne looks toward me with a look on her face like she is wondering why she has to hang out with these other horses anyway!

Cheyenne had one foal when she was young. She is easy to breed and cycles regualrly. She has been bred this year and may be pregenant but has not been checked.
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TS Cheyenne has alot of natural abilities.

She sets her head and has a smooth trot. She easily  will  extended trot as well with little trouble.  She would make a nice lesson horse or a horse for a young girl.
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