Axiom History 
It is about breeding the Straight Egyptian. It is about the mares, the foals and the stallions.
We have been breeding since 2005 when we aquired our first mares. 
Getting involved with Straight Egyptian was really more an accident than a thought out plan.

Through a series of events I came across the Straight  Egyptian Babson 
and also became aware of Sheykh Obeyed and Al Khamsa organizations.

It seemed facinating to find out about these special Egyptian lines and I began to study and study and study. As I continue to study to this day, these horses have continued to be a facination for me. 

The things one can learn about horses in general is an every day event. 
Oh my goodness, the things a person can learn about training. For many years I became a clinician groupie and watched and compared almost all of the popular clinicians. My favorite became Dennis Reis. I joined his group and began to go to his events and workshops. Did this for several year. I credit him for the good ground work skills I have developed and use to start my horses.

Riding is a whole other subject. Still in the top three hardest things I have ever tried to learn ( the other two; Window Painting and graphic design in Photo Shop. I went to so many different riding instructors to try and learn how to ride well. Most do not have much they can teach, I moved through them pretty fast over the years.  I read alot of books about riding and watched alot of videos, love video! Then I met Cinthia Hadfield of Maple Ridge Stable in Ozark Mo. She was the person who could actually teach me to ride.  Thank goodness I am a pretty decent rider now, but can always improve, there is certianly no end to improving your riding.

I always wanted to be a horse Vet! There are so many opportunities to learn about vetting. I am so lucky to have an awesome female vet that is really good. Becky Miller is her name. Between the crazy things that happen to my horses, the vet and the internet, I have amassed a huge knowlege about equine medicine. It really has been one of my favorite aspects of learning about horses. 
Although I never want to see problems with the horses. There was a time when I have lived and slept in the barn  24/7 for three weeks, to keep a mare in foal who was threatening to foal too early. There was another time  that I have woken every two hours all night for a month  to medicate and save a horses' eye.  The foal did not survive, the stallion has a healthy eye. 
To many more healing and doctoring experiences to even remember.