Classic Dymanic Arabian Stallion! Gabriel MCA Straight Egyptian Stallion. 

Gabriel is a big horse (15.2) with big personality and big movement. Some of his best features, that he passes to his get are: height, big movement, look at me personality, balanced feet and straight legs. This classy horse is curvy with plenty of bone and substance, a valuable resource in Arabian type. Gabriel has been previously shown and was shown top ten at Egyptian Event and upper level Dressage. Gabriel has been proved to settle mares easily with get that are outstanding. CA clear

Gabriel Pedigree
Gabriel MCA's Pedigree includes so many greats:
Akid Geshan, Nabiel, Sakr, Sultann, Sameh, Magidaa, Glorietta Gazaal, Ansata ABU Nazeer, Ansata Shah Zaman, Ansata IBN Sudan, Zaafarana, Sireff, Maarena, IBN Moniet El Nefous, Mahfouza, Anter, Gamila, Nagat, Glorieta Farahdia, Aala El Din, Fa Moniet, IBN Moniet El Nefous

Gabriel MCA is available for outside mares. If you are interested in a breeding to Gabriel please contact me.  ​