The Babson and Related Bloodlines in Arabian Horses
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The Babson and Related Bloodlines in Arabian Horses

Babson Sirecho Arabian Horses

by kim cooper on 11/12/11

Babson Sirecho Arabians are a small group of preservation horses that comprise of horses that pedigrees have just the horses from the Henry Babson import and also the stallion Sirecho. Sirecho was bred by J M Dickenson and later owned by Ott.

Sirecho's sire was Nasr and his dam Exochorda. There are few Babson Sirecho Arabians and a handful of breeders.

Babson Brown Sirecho is another small group of preserved horses that also includes the pedigrees of Roda, Aziza, and Zarife. These horses wher imported by WR Brown in 1932. Nasr the sire of sirecho was also an import of WR Brown.



Char Iswid Malaka Pregnant Mare - dies of kidney failure

by kim cooper on 08/08/11

I want to tell you about my struggle with Malaka. I bought Malaka a handicapped mare with one eye. I bought her site unseen, not even a picture other than one older photo that did not show her deformed face. Malaka was also 13 and had never had a foal, not a very good risk for me.

When she came to me in 2009 she was pathetic looking. My vet came out to see her and looked very concerned and thought something was wrong with her but not sure what it was. She was thin and lame. None the less I thought Malaka was the best mare I have ever seen and worth the try!

Right away we went to work to find out why she was lame. We had her feet xrayed. Nothing wrong with feet, just farrier neglect. she got shoes for a few months to help her adjust and get good feet again.

I started her on Immunall, I had the product waiting for her even before she arrrived. It took me three weeks to teach her how to stay out of the barn and to eat grass! Everyday we practiced. She did not eat good but improved all the time and gained weight and strength.

Some how with food and freedom and Immunall she begain to thrive. Three months later, in the fall, I gave one try to breed her. By golly she got in foal! We checked her hormones, no problem. We checked her at 4 months,no problem. We checked her at 6 months, no problem. All looked good. She did great all winter. Most of the time she stayed with my stallion and a 6month old filly as a friends.

Then at 10 months we found a problem. The foal seemed non reactive. No response and out of position. The foal seemed dead. I reached out to the the Babson community for help. What happened? What should I do?? We checked her again a few days later...still the foal seemed to be dead.

Anyway, I don't want to tell you that whole drama, but after sleeping in the barn and being on 24 hr foal/mare watch for three weeks....we had a filly that was premature and not very healthy. Then we spent 10 days working as hard as possible to save this filly. She died.

And this is the part of the story that is really important! We re bred Malaka a couple months later.. She concieved! Wow great!

But some how even a couple months later it seemed like something wasn't right. She had edema on her underside. Why? Was her placenta inflamed? We checked her placenta, she seemed fine. We watched her alot and tried to figure it out.

Then at 5 1/2 months, she quit eating. She just quit eating and drinking. We spent the next six weeks deparately trying to find out what was wrong with her. We gave her all kinds of medication and offered her all kinds of food. We checked her teeth. We checked her for worms. I checked her in the middle of the night. We ran blood .... she did not have an infection. Then we ran blood and found.... her kidneys where failing. Oh no.  

There was nothing we could do. Malaka died. We put her to sleep probably a day before she would have died. We lost her and her foal at 7 months.

Our conclusion with 20/20 hind site is that she had a week kidney condition even from when she arrived. But the Immunall helped her. Gosh if I would have know and kept giving her the Immunall it might have made a difference. Or if I had known and not re bred her, I could have tried to harvest eggs from her.

My vet was so confused and devistated by the non responsive foal at the first pergnancy... now we think that probably the foal was already being affected by the poor kidney function.

Conclusion... Watch for kidney failure. It is not common in horses. I don't know what we could have done, even if we knew what it was. 

A horse not eating or drinking could be a sign of kidney failure. Thinness in a horse could be a sign of kidney failure. Edema in pregnant mare could be a sign of kidney failure. A horse that always drinks more than the other horses could be an early warning of kidney failure. A horse that doesn't eat well or prefers the ruffer stems in the hay to good rich hay could be a sign of poor kidney function. These are all things I experienced with Malaka and did not completely understand what was happening to her till it was too late.

A mare can not carry a foal with weak kidneys. Maybe this is why some mares abort. Maybe this is why Immunall does seem to help many mares carry to term.

I hope you never have to go through something like this. I miss my mare and feel terrible about the whole thing. She was sweet and willing and was a great broodmare.

I tried everthing and would have done anything for her.

All I can do now is share this with you and hope it helps someone else.


My Friend Hugh Fillmore

by kim cooper on 07/18/11

Yesterday my friend Hugh Fillmore passed away unexpectedly. He went out to feed the horses and didn't come back in. He apprently died of a sudden heart attack.

Hugh loved the preservation Arabians especialy the Pritzlaff and Babson Arabians. Hugh was a passionate person and thought intensely and deeply about pedigrees and Arabian type. He stated his discoveries and knowlege proudly. He made others think and sometimes made others uncomfortable. But Hugh was a kind and generous person and more than anything was a supporter of  desert preservation Arabian.

I will miss our emails and the opportunity to get Hugh's opinion on horses and ideas. I will miss not being able to buy another horse from him. A very very sad loss for all those in the Arabian horse community. Good bye Hugh. Hug and enjoy all the Arabian horses in heaven that you have admired for years!

Al Khamsa Arabians Good Family Horses

by kim cooper on 07/16/11

 Meet the Al Khmasa Arabian horse and find out that not all Arabians are the same.

Al Khamsa Arabians are treasured pieces of history preserved for thousands of years buy the Bedouins of the desert. These horses where treasured for loyalty, trustworthness, and mild temperament. Yet they have stamina and strength beyond their size.

We like to say that these Arabians lived in the tents along side their owners. So can you imagine owning the kind of horse that could live in a tent with you? Wouldn't that be a nice horse.

The horses at Axiom Arabians are all Al Khamsa Arabians.

We focus on the Al Khamsa lines of  that where imported from Egypt.  Our Arabians are also Straight Egyptian and Sheykh Obeyd. These are also descriptions of the Bedouin blood lines. Fifty years ago the Al Khamsa Arabian was near extinction but has made a comeback because of dedicated breeders.

If you are looking for a quality family horse that is both beautiful and smart consider an Al Khamsa Arabian. There are many geldings and also older mares that need forever homes where they have good care and love. Arabians are long lived and very sturdy and healthy. They will fill your heart with years of joy.

Contact us or any Al Khamsa  breeder. Search horse sale sites for Al Khamsa bred horses. Go to the Al Khamsa site and learn more. Become part of the Al Khamsa family. Find out how much fun it is to own one of these special living pieces of history and beome a contributor of the continued preservation of all Al Khamsa Arabians.

Thank You For Looking!



Arabian Stallions at Stud

by kim cooper on 03/02/11

Babson Arabian stallions are available for breeding your mares. Why use a Babson Stallion? Temperamant, Confirmation, Athletic Ability. Just to name three things. When Henry Babson imported his 7 Egyptian Arabians in 1932, he chose the very best Arabian stock available at that time.

At present there are about 250 pure Babson horses living today. They are very rare and are preserved by a handful dedicated breeders around the world.

Babson blood has been an influence in Arabian breeding and today you will find Babson horses in many many pedigrees of Arabian horses throughout the world.

Check out our Stallions, and see for your self if you like the look of the Old Egyptian Arabian that is still preserved and thriving this day. And ask yourself if you would like to be part of historic Arabian history. Ride a Babson.


Axiom           ARABIANS
When Power is Essential

Our basic stock starts with Babson blood from the Abbas Pasha and Prince Mohamad Ali desert collections.  Both Abbas Pasha and Prince Mohammed Ali took great measures to collect, assemble and preserve the finest Arabian stock available in their times. These Arabians ar primarily from the Dahman Shawan and Seqlawi Jerdan family strains. These because of the efforts of Abbas and Mohammed are considered the Royal lines that produce some of the most beautiful and athletic Arabians in the world.
(The imports from Henry Babson and W.R. Brown (including Nasr) are from the same pool of these Royal lines. )

At Axiom we value other efforts to preserve the authentic Egyptian Arabian and those efforts include EAO, RAS, Inshass, Crabbet, and many more.

We value the strengths and sometimes weakness that come from recognizing and combining the various female and male lines that make up the beautiful patterns of breedings that are well documented in the histories of the Desert Arabian.

From the unique male and female lines, that no other horses in the world posses,  we can seek out and find for ourselves a true living piece of art, the Egyptian Arabian.

I encourage you to read and learn, see horses in person and in photos, look again and again and delve after the secrets of the only true horses in the world.

The Egyptian Arabian is an elusive and amazing creature beyond any capture. We are so lucky to have such a creature with so much power in its DNA. A creature with so much character and communication. A creature with so much beauty. A creature that is so powerful and yet so delicate.

They are an amazing joy everyday. Our days are filled with marvelous stories about their lives  and how they communicate. They never disappoint. Please join us in loving the Arabian horse.

.Axiom Power and Beauty   Straight Egyptian  Al Khamsa   Sheykh Obeyed