HR Tali Tiflah
Du Sir Gem x Jusera
DHAR Aziza
DHAR Serr Rouf x Saafada
Babson/Hallany Mistanny/Julep
Straight Egyptian MARES at Axiom Arabians. We are fortunate to have a exceptional collection of Arabian mares in Missouri. We focus on producing foals from these mares yearly.
We may have foals available for sale to good homes. Please Inquire.
Contact information:
Kim Cooper
417-230-1427 anytime

(In foal for 2013 to HR Hasims Legacy)
DU Sierra Sunrise
Sah Hasim Khabar x Serr Afina
Straight Babson Egyptian
On Lease From Rivian Gardner

Axiom Arabians Straight Egyptian ArabianMares
DHAR Serr Rouf x Saafada
Babson/Hallany Mistanny/Julep
Had a 2011 Colt
Jadhara Mist
HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan x DHAR Aziza
Hallany Mistanny
Tali is an all time great broodmare. She stays out of trouble and never is unhealthy or injured.

We are planning several more foals with Tali.

Tali is also an excellent DM. She is very modest in her management of the other mares, rarely using more than her presence to command respect.

She seems to know exactly what I am wanting of her most of the time. She may know English pretty well.
( in foal for 2013 to DU Akhir Flame)
Sierra is a pleasant sweet mare. She is very easy for everyone to get along with.

Sierra has very nice floating dressage type movement and form.

We have chosen to breed her to Flame to emphsis on the Serr Afina in both pedigrees. Serr Afina was a mare of extreme beauty and Flame has already proven that he can really put a face on his foals.

We are hoping for a real knock out with the Khabar and double Serr Afina
Jadhara tells about
herself all on her own..... What
a girl!

She entered the world running
and is still a big show off with a
commanding beautiful presence.

But the most inportant thing
about Jadhara is that she is
DHAR Aziza's only daughter.
Continuing the Mist Anna tail
female line.

Aziza is a regal Queen.  Delicate and strong,  meek and brave.

Aziza has the wisdom of the desert in her soul and when you look into her eyes you know that she knows so much more than she can tell you.

Aziza is surly a treasure on my farm. Often I refer to her as the most expensive horse. She requires her laminits damaged feet to be re fit for shoes every 6 weeks.

She always has a limp as she goes but she can truck along with the best of them. A trot and an occasional canter is not beyond her achievements.
Roda...sister to the Queen. Treasure #2. She is the great supporter of Aziza. Very timid in her own abilities, Roda would stand an protect her sister  if needed.

The sisters are both attatched and also independent. At times I have them in separet areas and other times together. Neither ever complain.

When together again you can see that they look for each other. They often greet and then do their own thing.

Often see them together heading out to eat grass. I love em!