Training Aide

Axiom Head Start Foal Program

Ten Point Training For Foals

Foals are handled and conditioned for performance from birth. During the first three weeks we practice these performance actions.

1. Handled at birth
2. Taught to halter and lead 
3. Backing up
4. Move off the leg
5. Pick up feet
6. Lower head
7. Stress releasing exercises (seeTherapudic Manouvers)
8.Taking medications 
9. Having eyes examined
10. Turning at gate
This training aide uses the horses natural ability to yield to pressure. The horse learns from their own pressure to balance themselves.​

All of our horses recieve this balanced training.

Therapeudic Manouvers

Over the years, working with horses, I have noticed that horses do get stressed and injured fairly easily.
We like to work with several methods to release stress in the horses.
One method I have tried and learned that has helped me alot is the MastersonMethod.
Jim Masterson has many videos and a super nice book that is easy to learn fom and shows basic exercises that horses seem to benifit from. I recomend learning to use these techniques with your horses.
Learning and experimenting with these techniques has  taught me how to read my horses better and has taught me how to spot subtle lameness and problems that horses hare having.
I have come to belive over the years that most horses are good movers and do have good confirmation. That most problems are cuses due to injuries and or stress or both. I have learned through study of therapies that potential long term problems can be diverted perminately if attention is given when issues arise. I have also found the problems that have already been se in for years can be relived and positive improvements can be made.
If you are a person who has relied on Chiropractors you will be very interested to study up on this and find you yourselve can do many things to help your horses perform better and feel better!